One EP cover
The EP that started it all on Parlophone and propelled Mansun into the Top 40.

Available as a 7” and 4 track CD with a few added extras. No band has ever beaten the successive run of quality EPs from 1996 to 2000.

Egg Shaped Fred /Ski Jump Nose / Lemonade Secret Drinker / Thief / Silence / Untitled


2 years ago – the China tour!

Two years ago Paul Draper and guitar wizard Ben Sink piggybacked their Japanese acoustic  tour with three dates in China .

Classic tracks such as Wide Open Space , Dark Mavis and Until The Next Life coupled with Paul’s solo output blew away the Chinese fans.

Always a dream Country Paul intended to visit as a tourist became a reality with the three shows that highlighted a huge fan base he never really expected.
In an interview that followed , he expressed interest in returning with a full band in the future. Paul Draper China FullSizeRender