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My absolute favourite album of all time turns twenty two today . For me , its lost no edge over the years and is still mind blowing today as it was on first release.

Happy Birthday Six! 

nine EP 22nd anniversary and


Happy 22nd Anniversary nine EP!

One of my favourite Mansun EP’s…

Released August 25th 1998 it contained lead track ‘Being A Girl (Part One) as well six additional quality tracks spread over the three commercial formats.

A promo only 7″ single and a promo CD of ‘Railings’ are also sought -after collectables by fans.

‘Being A Girl’ was edited down to a short but gutsy two minutes from the eight minute album opus and was hence released as Part One.

The band did not appear in the official video although a certain ‘Danny Dyer’ made his ‘acting’ debut!

Window sticker / 7” promo / 7” promo signed sleeve (Paul Draper)/ CD 1 with poster / CD2 (sealed) CD 2 slimline case edition / Japan CD / Japan promo CD/ Railings promo CD /Mailout Card / cassette single / cassette singe (signed by Paul) /art exhibition card / promo CD / promo CD (signed by Paul Draper) /Parlophone CD-R promo